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Are you looking to conduct due-diligence against internal or vendor systems? Seeking 3rd part attestation of systems compliance? Wondering the state of affairs? Call us today to discuss our varied assessment and audit services. From rapid assessment results within a week, to probing audits that leave no stone unturned, Keyed Systems can deliver.

  • Self-Assessment Security/Privacy Reviews: Coming Soon! Conduct free self-assessments and set your expectations for optimal privacy/security health with the aid of free outcomes reports targeting common control principle
  • Security/Privacy Triage Assessments: Whether a checkup for an app or baselining a new program, our Triage Assessments are designed for rapid, actionable results and learning. A methodical approach to understanding your landscape and priorities is layered against security/privacy expectations to produce reports guaranteed to present actionable nest steps and identify domain areas worthy of attention. Triage Assessments detail what needs to be done within your application/ecosystem to protect and secure information. For INDIVIDUAL APPLICATIONS or for PROGRAMS.
  • Deep Testing: Our deep testing probes into various aspects of security/privacy for more stringent assessments that identify threat and vulnerability areas. Completely customized based on your priority and appetite, Keyed Systems and partners specialize in assessment testing that may be topical or intrusive… everything from EULA policy rollout to manual systems penetration testing. Cryptography, Cloud Services, Session Management, Configuration, Deployment/Change, Authorization/Authentication, Contracting/Procurement, Purposeful Use, Deletion/Retention, Data Return/Change, Sharing, Database Architecture, Auditing/Logging, etc
  • Audit Assistance: Beyond an assessment, our audit assistance services drive for robust standards created by aligning common privacy/security frameworks and principles to regulatory requirements. Exploration of your policies and procedures evaluates for existence and conformance to these expectations, the adequacies of implemented controls, and the further practice and adherence to them. Audits detail how you meet specific objectives for controlling security/privacy of information.