MYNE Suite:  a modular, license-based SaaS utility sack servicing various areas of privacy and security engaging all relevant parties in the governance, risk, and compliance process. From asset management to technical/policy control implementation, the MYNE stack is both the blueprint and the toolbox to operate your security/privacy program.

  • Data Dictionaries, Classification, and Asset Inventory
    Tools to help identify and track all your application and resources, align to common data models, and define sensitivity and data classification schemas across your portfolio and that of your 3rd parties. 
  • Use Case Modeler and Dataflows
    Easy to use tools to help you detail application and systems routines, functionality, and features with focus on the intent and purpose of dataflow, actors and permissions, and common privacy parameters
  • Regulatory Requirement Library and Control Frameworks
    Content and custom views to help you understand obligations and realize gaps/strengths, witness best practice, and align with frameworks designed to solve for privacy and security.
  • Requirements/Remediation Management
    Management tools designed to help you build better technology, policy, and process to improve security/privacy posture and reduce risk through the production of evidence of practice/policy/technology.

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