We translate and share our font-line findings in the realm of privacy to rich activities and training materials for education and business leaders, government and non-profit staff, and end-users.  Learn the latest practices, regulations, and expectations and engage our staff during on-site development opportunities.

  • Privacy/Security Seminar for Education Leadership: An intensive, 1-2 day in-house itinerary of training, analysis, and questioning that will pinpoint key strengths and weaknesses in operational and administrative program management. Topped off with an actionable report, district and LEA leadership will undertake a dense self-assessment process and be introduced to critical systems methodologies for data protection or security. In addition to learning program best practice, attendees will scrutinize on internal processes and applicable policies as well as be provided access to utilities currently at play on the national stage of data privacy/security in K12 education.
  • Domain Privacy/Security Concentration Seminars: A set of 1 day in-house itineraries of training and analysis directing operational staff and parties responsible for the proper handling of personal data towards better practices or securities. Resulting in targeted guidance and a light action plan, upon completion of this seminar and organization should be poised to take next steps to better communicate about the use of information, attest to securities and protections, and find implementation/remediation assistance to improve overall risk posture.
  • Deep Analysis and Planning Workshops: 2-3 day agendas of onsite staff training and fact finding focused around program management and operational practices for data protection. Resulting analysis and planning documents are delivered to baseline or mature agency privacy programs. From executive leadership to school department staff and educators, we zone in on systems, process, and workflows to prioritize governance, risk, and compliance needs that are local to your needs. The stage will be set by local and national jurisdictional requirements as this comprehensive dive and multiple seasoned staff join you onsite for this workshop.