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Explaining privacy rights can be simple, clear, and transparent. Here’s the summary. For full legalese scroll a bit further, where you’ll also find any specifics based on state laws in the United States. In general Keyed practices privacy at a level commiserate laws of the most stringent states/countries.

The work of Keyed Systems centers around enabling businesses and individuals to find values through technology. We do so whilst meeting all reasonable expectations of privacy and honoring and supporting law and regulation. We will only collect, use or share your personally identifiable information for purposes aligned to this goal. We don’t sell (as “sell” is traditionally defined) your personally identifiable information to anyone else.

Personally identifiable information.

“Personally identifiable information”, or PII or short means information that identifies, or that can reasonably be linked to, an actual natural and real human person. PII is a subcategory of “information”… which includes all types of information, including personally identifiable information.


We may collect information relevant to you in three ways. First, we may collect information directly from you, such as during your interactions with Keyed staff in meetings/calls or through support or our project/program social channels. Second, we will collect such information by observing behavior — either in the “real world” or through our digital properties like websites and mobile apps. Examples include security cameras at a retail store, our websites tracking visitor activities on our sites, or our digital properties collecting the characteristics of the visiting devices.  Finally, we may obtain such information from independent third parties, independent of you.  If you are party to Keyed Systems in business to business relationships, the nature of use/collection is further limited… we are typically referring here only to your basic engagements with Keyed in our public forums.


We will use your information to meet your expectations and have successful relationships with Keyed Systems. Whether to discuss our products/services, provide such services/products, or to support such activities. We may use your information to help improve our services to you and others like you. We use information we collect to proactively and reactively protect our customers from bad actors. Back to enabling individuals to find valyes through technoogy… we may use information to help to tell you about technology and other products and services that we think you’ll find useful. That means we’ll use information to try figure out what will be useful (or just fun and interesting) to you and others, or develop new or different products and services. And if we think we’ve found something you might like, we’ll use information to send or place marketing messages to you, on our own behalf or on behalf of others, and monitor your response to that message.


If you post comments or other information in one of our public forums or social channels, it may be viewed by the general public. We may share your personally identifiable information with suppliers or business partners to fulfill your requests or perform on our behalf a contract that we have with you. Sometimes we share information with suppliers and business partners for internal uses. We maintain contracts and agreeemnts with these parties to assure the data is only used in support of Keyed business purposes. We also may share personally identifiable information in an attempt to enforce our legal rights, in response to a request from law-enforcement authorities, and when we are required to do so by applicable law. Further, if sharing personally identifiable information may protect Keyed Systems or others from harm, that’s what we are going to do. Finally, Keyed System is made of multiple business entities. These entities may share personally identifiable information with each other. If one is acquired by a third party or merges with a third party, we will share personally identifiable information with that third party… but subject to the applicable privacy policies.

Have any questions about our privacy practices? Just ask!

Whew! Even the “highlights” get a bit long but we hope that helps! The full Privacy Policy follows. If you still have questions do feel free to contact us at 1-202-556-1077 or email [email protected].

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