MYNE Suite

Feed your Governance, Risk, and Compliance program with total view of assets, data, controls, assessments, and more.

KS Utility

Down and dirty local client software for entry into asset and data management. Basic NIST controls libraries included.

Location Tracking/Telematics

Used in a variet of sector use cases, KS offers secure WiFi, Cellular, and Bluetooth based asset monitoring, reporting, and conditional workflows/notices.

KS Surveyor

From basic polling to complex compliance audits, organizations can securely collect, manage, and evaluate against controls and success measures to mitigate risks as well as recognize growth opportunities.

Assessment Instruments

Logic-based and crosswalked assessment items designed to track against known security, privacy, AI, and data expectations accross the globe.

Asset/Resource Inventory

Identify and maintain resources that have risk and value to your organization.

Data Catalog

Build a source of truth through data discovery and inventory. Help in master data management and ecosystem data landscaping/workflows accross your business streams and 3rd parties.

Classification and Tagging

Assign structured and unstructured meta attributes to data throughout its lifecycle… delivering information to individuals and systems to be efficient and maintain compliance.

Controls and Regulations Library

View, build, and search through curated and aligned taxonomic mappings of laws, regulations, policies, industry frameworks, certification requirements, and more.

Health Solutions

Keyed Systems works with partner XAFE to support public health. From our communicable disease platform leveraged by soverign governments to combat COVID-19 to resident tools designed to increase satisfaction and wellness in senior living, our products and services seek to advance indivudal and population health while helping grow economies.