Service Overview: Systems Architecture and Blueprinting service assists businesses and IT departments in creating robust architectures aligned with priorities like database security management and compliance with GDPR privacy policies. It’s an essential service for organizations looking to integrate AI-based chatbots or other artificial intelligence in manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Database Security Management Alignment: Ensures database architectures are secure and compliant.
  • AI Integration Support: Aids in the integration of AI technologies like AI-based chatbots.
  • Budgetary Planning for Cybersecurity: Facilitates financial planning for cybersecurity implementations.


  • Alignment with Information Security and Privacy Standards: Meets high standards of information security and privacy.
  • Support for AI and Society Initiatives: Helps in developing systems that consider societal impacts of AI.
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Enhancement: Strengthens overall cybersecurity posture of enterprises.