From tools that assess and govern programs to real time asset tracking and management, checkout our portfolio.

  • Privacy Manager
  • Risk Assessor
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Asset Inventory & Catalog
  • Controls and Legal Browser
  • Meta Tag Classification Tool
  • Track & Trace
  • Public Health Response Manager
  • XAFE Communicable Disease Platform
  • Surveyor and Polling
  • KS Utility
  • MYNE Suite
  • XAFE Experience Manager
  • Niche Market Analysis Tool

Professional Services

Let our in-house team and affiliated partners lend a hand in everything from planning culture shift to maintaining ongoing customer support.

  • Audits and Evaluations

  • Maurity Studies

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • Systems Architecture and Blueprinting
  • Systems Integration
  • Process Automation

  • Development Operations
  • Application Development
  • Support and Helpdesk
  • User Experience
  • Education and Training